Do Before the Day Ends

by Jack Fowler

Hey, stop procrastinating. Before the clock strikes midnight, why don’t you sign up for the National Review 2011 Caribbean Cruise? We’ll be sailing November 12-19 on Holland America Line’s beautiful MS Eurodam (dhay-amm it’s a great ship!) with a splendid, and, well, massive crew of top conservative speakers, writers, scholars, and NR editors—over three dozen in fact. Hey, let’s name them all:

Mark Steyn, Fred Thompson, John Bolton, Victor Davis Hanson, James Q. Wilson, Bernard Lewis, S. E. Cupp, Andrew Klavan, John Sununu, Jonah Goldberg, John Yoo, Tony Blankley, Andrew McCarthy, Cal Thomas, James Lileks, Ralph Reed, Mona Charen, Elliott Abrams, Kevin Hassett, Jim Geraghty, Ramesh Ponnuru, Jay Nordlinger, Michael Walsh, Tracie Sharp, Rob Long, Rich Lowry, Charles Kesler, Sally Pipes, Kathryn Lopez, John O’Sullivan, Deroy Murdock, Bob Costa, Charmaine Yoest, Dinesh D’Souza, Kevin Williamson, John Derbyshire, John Miller, and Roman Genn

Now that is one heck of a lineup. So what will all these primo conservatives—and you! (remember, you’re coming)—be doing on this can’t-miss-it voyage? Well, over the course of seven sunny days and cool nights our guest speakers and editors will be participating in 10 seminar sessions where current events and hot topics (from the upcoming elections and the economy to terrorism and the culture) will be discussed, debated, dissected, and prognosticated. On two evenings, post-dinner (always sumptuous) we’ll be having “Night Owl” sessions: one is sure to feature the infamous Steyn-Goldberg-Long trio of social ruminators and all-around yucksters (it is not something to be missed).

What else? There will be three revelrous cocktail receptions, one post-dinner smoker featuring H. Upmann cigars and complimentary cognac, and on two nights (at least) you will have the pleasure of intimately dining at a table hosted by our editors and guests speakers.

It will be a great time. All these events and happenings are exclusive to NR, and along with the cruise itself, all meals, admission to and participation in all ship-sponsored events (Snowball bingo!), plus port fees, gratuities, and taxes, prices begin at a very affordable $1,899 a person. Traveling solo? “Single” prices for a sah-weet stateroom begin at just $2,399.

Let’s wrap this up: You know you want to come, so do it. Get complete information about the National Review 2011 Caribbean Cruise, and reserve your luxury stateroom—today, before 11:59PM, at

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