The Other Obvious Move

by Rich Lowry

The other possible move for House Republicans, basically another version of what was discussed here, is outlined by E.J. Dionne today:

Here’s the worrisome scenario: Cantor takes every domestic spending cut that was discussed as part of the negotiations with Vice President Biden, declares that the administration has blessed them, and packages them together for a vote.

Never mind that Cantor walked out of the talks before there was serious negotiation about defense cuts and revenue, and thus no real agreement. Cantor, who needs to embarrass the Democrats and pull Obama down from the commanding heights, was shrewd to get the administration talking early about cuts in domestic spending and to put a lot of its cards on the table. He can now play those cards against Obama by forcing the president to reject reductions he had once considered when a larger agreement looked possible.

Unless they want to continue to lose altitude in this debate, House Republicans need to take the initiative.

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