Walker Committee Finds Huge Savings in WI; Dems Kvetch

by Jack Fowler


WisconsinReporter.com reports that Gov. Scott Walker’s Commission on Waste, Fraud and Abuse has “identified $266,555,737 in potential annual savings for state agencies—all from streamlining and improving current practices.” The commission, established by Walker earlier this year, charged its interim report that “state agencies for failing to control expenses the way residents have been forced to do in the wake of the recession.”

Wisconsin deserves a government that spends its financial resources just as carefully as the citizens of Wisconsin spend their own. The recession has taken a toll on Wisconsin families. Everyone has been forced to take a closer look at how they spend their money. Our state government should be no different. With its budget difficulties, we must make sure that the state’s limited resources are being spent effectively, and ultimately being used for the purposes they were intended.

As the Commission did its work, it became clear that many agencies and programs were not reviewing “best practices” in other states or in private industry. This lack of innovation leads to outdated strategies for coping with 21st century problems.

A final report is due in January. Democrat lawmakers who serve on the commission are kvetching they didn’t get a say in drafting the interim version, a claim shot down by Walker’s office. Kate Queram of WisconsinReporter.com has all the details here.

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