Leaving Politics at the Door

by Jonah Goldberg

Here’s another one:

Today, Eric Cantor and the House “Hell No” Caucus will again use their right-wing extremist budget demands to stonewall an agreement with President Obama. And while they drive the nation closer to economic meltdown, they’re executing a strategy to use it politically against the president and every Democrat they can find. Rove’s people are on the air right now in seven states. So many grassroots donors have told us they want us to fight back hard on this. That’s why we created the Emergency Media Campaign last week. The response has been overwhelming, with more than $100,000 raised (see chart below). With the deadline on Friday, we’re more than halfway there. Can you kick in $10 to get us there before Friday?

DSCC Emergency Media Campaign

We will defeat every Republican possible. We will defend every defender of Medicare. We will not let Republicans get away with their obstruction, petulance and blatant disregard for the people they claim to represent. And this Emergency Media Campaign will help do it. If you believe in this effort too, will you kick in $10? Click that link and say to yourself, “Hell no, Eric Cantor.” Best, Jason

– Jason Rosenbaum Director of Online Communications

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