Shared Sacrifice

by Yuval Levin
Compare and contrast:
It would require, even as we’re asking the person who needs a student loan or the senior citizen or people — veterans who are trying to get by on a disability check — even as we’re trying to make sure that all those programs are affordable, we’re also saying to folks like myself that can afford it that we are able and willing to do a little bit more.  
-President Obama at last Friday’s press conference, explaining why budget cutbacks should apply to people like him
The level of resources provided in the bill would significantly impact the EOP’s role in assisting the President in carrying out his constitutional duties as head of the Executive Branch, including protecting national security interests, developing policies to address the challenges facing the Nation, reducing the deficit and spending taxpayer dollars more cost-effectively, and managing the Federal agencies. 
-A White House letter to Congress explaining why cuts to the budget of the Executive Office of the President in the House version of the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations bill are too steep. The bill reduces the president’s budget from $705 million to $640 million.
 I think my favorite part is the argument that reducing the budget of the president’s office will hurt his ability to reduce the deficit.

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