What Time Does the Next Ice Floe Leave?

by John Derbyshire

 Here’s one of the reader comments from a story headlined “Obama officially threatens to veto ‘cut, cap and balance’” in The Hill:

We paid into the system and just because you spent it irresponsibly through many years, congress and presidents, we should not have to shoulder this burden of your irresponsibility. I want my social security and medicare, find another way to balance your budget.
by FEDUP on 07/18/2011 at 13:02

Probably a lot of my fellow geezers (I’m 66, on Social Security & Medicare) feel the same.

I’d urge them to examine their consciences. We — I and they — have lived through times of extraordinary government extravagance. Through our lifetimes, Congresses and presidents of both parties have spent public money with gay abandon, with our permission. I mean, we voted for the critters. It’s been a matter of collective responsibility.

Now the extravagance is about to be curtailed. As when a firm goes bankrupt, some creditors will get paid, some won’t. It’s a matter of priorities.

So who gets paid and who gets stiffed? That’s what this is going to come down to, nolens volens.

I say stiff the geezers. Not many of us are productive, anyway. Sure, a few of us did great things in the past — worked hard, took chances, fought in wars — but that’s water under the bridge. The world belongs to young people. If our government benefits are a drag on the economy, I say cut ’em. If our wizened hearts, livers, and lungs have reached their spec limits, let’s go out with dignity.

Is there any honest, patriotic geezer who isn’t troubled by the thought that his own demands on the public fisc for his own stodgy comforts and creaking ailments are reducing the opportunites for young people to live and work in a vigorous national economy?

Come on, geezers of America: Take one for the kids.

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