I Met a Huntsman Supporter!

by Rich Lowry

I’ve always been curious to meet a Jon Huntsman supporter. But how to do it? Going to Iowa and finding the one Huntsman supporter identified in a recent poll would just be too difficult. So I figured a leg of my honeymoon could double as a political safari — I’d sign up for a bike tour of Tuscany and be certain to find a Huntsman supporter there. Sure enough, the first night of the tour, over a nice dinner for the biking group at a charming old hotel, I met a Huntsman supporter. She’s a moderate Democrat who lives in Connecticut; her husband, who made a mint in finance and just bought a car with a solar panel on the roof, also has an interest in Huntsman. Allow me to assure you based on this experience that Huntsman sympathizers are nice, thoughtful people — good company and excellent bikers. They’re apparently just not Republicans.

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