Geezer Wars

by John Derbyshire

A reader, one of many similar, responding to my Monday post:

Just read your Corner posting regarding “geezers” and entitlements, and would just like to say thanks for saying what a lot of us younger types are thinking! My friends and I (all 30-somethings) when we discuss matters like this at the bar … get so utterly aggravated at the attitudes of people like FedUp, we end up having to order another round …

I’ve never understood how the generations that reaped the majority of the benefits of increased spending while choosing not to pay for it at the time, thus keeping more of their own money too, can now come around and say “Well, we need to make cuts, but all that stuff we bought on credit we get to keep … Sorry, we didn’t get enough for you though … oh well … sacred promises and all that … and here’s the Visa bill, kids!”

There may be some honest geezers upset at the prospects ahead of us, but I no longer think it’s enough … FedUp is more indicative of the attitudes of the majority. I think we’re doomed … might make a great book.

I appreciate the plug, Sir. As Radio Derb expressed the matter a couple of weeks ago:

Our children and grandchildren will not be bereft of entertainment, though. When they get tired of watching Indian pop singers or the latest Chinese landing on one of Jupiter’s moons, they will amuse themselves by digging up our bones and smashing them to pieces with 14-pound hammers.

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