re: Laura Robbed at the Airport

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

The cross was a gift from her godfather. When we went to Rome a few years ago (she dubbed it “Girls Gone Mild” on her radio show), she was in search of a replica for the dear girl she was about to adopt. We found it right downstairs from our hotel.

I now own a sister cross as well. And waiting in what otherwise would have seemed like an endless passport-check line in Portugal last year — en route to an NR cruise, of course — the American woman standing in front of me announced: That looks just like Laura Ingraham’s cross. 

Fox News gets around.

Later during that Portugal cruise, I dropped said cross down a drain. And to give you a sense of how great our cruises are: Someone actually heroically retrieved it.

Back on the Zing tour, Laura has used the incident as an opportunity to further spotlight how cumbersome and invasive air travel has become (it comes up in Zing). As you might imagine, reporting such a thing is far from easy. 

Laura, by the way, has long had a link to a similar cross on her website, in response to one of the most frequently asked questions she gets. 

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