The Diversity Cult

by John Derbyshire


Last week the whole Derb family went to an Open House at the college our daughter will be attending this Fall. As part of the presentation there was a promotional movie for the college. One of the first words spoken in the movie was “Diversity.” I think it may actually have been the very first: “Diversity is our highest goal here at . . .” or some such.

The whole Diversity cult is utterly out of control. I can’t fathom it. Why this tremendous collective emotional investment in Diversity? (The initial capital letter comes unbidden.) As I point out in the Diversity chapter of We Are Doomed (Chapter Two), in the actual world that we actually inhabit, Diversity causes nothing but trouble.

The U.S.A. was born diverse and we have never had any choice but to cope with that original Diversity as best we can. Still, if managing Diversity demands such commitment of time, resources, and effort, above and beyond what is ordinarily required to keep a civilization going and an economy humming, isn’t it foolish to be taking on more Diversity? Especially in a world where, as one of your commenters points out, we are in rivalry with big nations that have no Diversity overhead at all?

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