What Day Is It?

by John Hood

I know I’ve been out of the loop for a while, with professional and personal obligations keeping me from following the debt-limit debate and other Washington shenanigans as closely as I would have liked. So perhaps this is just me being mistaken instead of the president being confused. Still…

Why was the president still talking last night about a “balanced approach” to a debt-limit plan? Haven’t the events of the past two days rendered such a idea irrelevant? Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill have already signaled that they are going to make a deal with Republicans that will cut spending and raise the debt ceiling but not raise taxes.

Obama has succeeded only in making himself look increasingly irrelevant. I actually thought he might give a different speech tonight, a speech allowing him enough rhetorical wiggle room to claim credit for whatever deal comes out of the Congress. Wouldn’t that have been the smarter thing to do?