A Quick Thought on Boehner Plan

by Rich Lowry

I’ve been traveling and distracted today, but catching up now. I would have preferred if House Republicans had simply taken up Harry Reid on his $2.7 trillion in cuts for a roughly comparable debt increase; said, “Brilliant idea Harry, but we want to make some tweaks”; populate it with real instead of fake cuts; and then try to pass it through the House. (I use the word “try” advisedly, because getting the Republican votes for anything short of “Cut, Cap, and Balance” is far from a foregone conclusion.) That would be much simpler than the two-tier plan with the committee. Also, the committee is fraught with peril, because if its membership isn’t exactly right, or if something unexpected happens with one of the Republican members, you could get a “grand bargain”-type deal that ends up with just enough votes to pass both houses. So there’d also be more certainty in simply taking the shell of Reid and filling it with better cuts–new wine into the old wineskin.

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