Today’s Questions for the President

by Peter Kirsanow

Prior to becoming president, you repeatedly criticized President Bush for (among other things) ”taking his eye off the ball” when it came to matters (Afghanistan, Pakistan, the general war on terror, etc.) other than the war in Iraq.

While you’ve been occupied with the debt-ceiling debate, Russia has deployed military forces to the Arctic and asserted territorial claims to a region estimated to hold a quarter of the world’s oil and gas reserves, China is poised to deploy its first aircraft carrier as well as a new stealth fighter, North Korea continues to develop and expand its long-range missile programs and cyberwarfare technology, and Iran is on the brink of producing its first nuclear weapon while reportedly preparing to build missile bases in Venezuela.

Your administration has made no public statements nor taken any visible actions regarding any of these recent developments.

What steps, if any, have you taken to address these issues?

Do you consider these developments to be inconsequential? Or are they merely of less immediate concern than the debt-ceiling issue?

Is a nuclear Iran less problematic than the Boehner plan?

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