Bachmann Is Definite No on Boehner Plan

by Katrina Trinko


Michele Bachmann reads the Huffington Post, watches MSNBC, and didn’t include Ronald Reagan in her response to who her favorite two presidents were.

If you’re concerned that she flipped parties, don’t be: Bachmann also reiterated at a speech and question answer at the National Press Club today that she will not vote for House speaker John Boehner’s plan today, or any other plan that hikes the debt ceiling. She dismissed the $22 billion Boehner’s plan would cut this year as being only a day and a half of spending.  Speaking of the 80 million checks the government sends out, Bachmann said, “The government is paying, it seems, for almost everything in this country.”

She did praise Boehner for putting out a plan, noting that President Obama had failed to do so.

In response to a question about which media outlets she read and watched, Bachmann said she “prefer[ed] to go to sources from the left first” when reading about politics, mentioning the Huffington Post and MSNBC when asked to name the outlets specifically.

She was also asked how she felt about her husband Marcus Bachmann’s clinic working with gay clients (at the client’s request) to help them change their sexual orientation.

After saying she was “extremely proud” of her husband, Bachmann said, “I am running for the presidency … My husband is not running for the presidency … Neither is our business.”

She also defended the fact that her home mortgage was backed by either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, saying that it was “almost impossible to buy a home” without resorting to a mortgage backed ultimately by a government agency.

Her favorite presidents are George Washington (she cited his reluctance to assume the presidency as part of her reason), Abraham Lincoln, and Harry Truman (she mentioned enjoying David McCullough’s biography of him). And yes, she did give Reagan ample shout-outs in her speech, even if she didn’t include him in her answer to that particular question.

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