Islamists Commandeer Huge Cairo Rally

by Stanley Kurtz

A massive rally in Cairo’s Tahrir Square meant to demonstrate unity turned instead into a picture of a fractured and Islamist-leaning Egypt, as Islamist forces took over from outnumbered secularists to loudly demand an Islamic state. Here are some excerpts from the L.A. Times account:

The demonstration in Cairo’s Tahrir Square reaffirmed the power of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist organizations that amassed tens of thousands of supporters….”The people want an Islamic state,” Islamists chanted while outnumbered secular demonstrators watched from the sidelines in a square streaked with religious banners….The demonstration was to be a day of putting differences aside so Islamists and secularists could protest together in urging the military council to enact reforms and bring officials from Mubarak’s regime to justice. That unity, however, was overwhelmed by calls from moderate and ultra-conservative Muslims to instill the Koran into the laws of the land. “Islamic, Islamic, we don’t want it secular,” shouted demonstrators.

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