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The Permanent Insurgency


By now, the Obama “leadership” style should be blindingly apparent: Do nothing, lie in wait, and then counter-attack. Never present a plan if you can possibly help it, but deal exclusively in bromides and platitudes as you stake out the moral “high ground” and get ready to ambush the other guy. Think of it as the Permanent Insurgency campaign.

Meanwhile, have your media allies, talking parrots, and court lickspittles prepare the ground with standard-issue talking points — “The Tea Party Republicans are terrorists,” for example. In other words, do what former New York Times reporter and former car czar Steve Rattner and former Boston Globe columnist Mike Barnicle did this morning on Morning Joe:

That would be this Steve Rattner and this Mike Barnicle, by the way, just to illustrate the caliber of the president’s defenders. 

Use the bully pulpit as a bludgeon against your political enemies. Make cheap, demagogic appeals to your dwindling base of supporters to do your lobbying work for you. Say the same thing over and over, no matter how much TV time you need to pre-empt.

Adamantly refuse to be pinned down about the specifics of anything, and have your platoon of Baghdad Bobs continue to insist (as good liberals always do) that up is down, black is white, and wishes are really horses, if not actual unicorns.

So the later Boehner walks into the trap, the quicker Harry Reid trumps him, and the sooner Obama can can declare for the umpteenth time that the time for talk is over, emerge as a hero — and get the debt-ceiling debate safely past the shoals of the next election, which is all he really cares about. Because, in case you hadn’t noticed, running for office is the only thing the Punahou Kid knows how to do.

Welcome to Miller’s Crossing. Up is down, black is white . . .


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