Two Quick Points

by Jay Nordlinger

1) We’ve been hearing about “disproportionate” defense cuts. And I have to ask, Disproportionate to what? To this country’s defense needs, or to other budget cuts? Defense is not just another line in the federal budget. Defense is not one of those luxuries, or options, you argue about. (Well, you can . . .) Defense is different — which is the title of a blogpost I wrote in November of last year, after the Simpson-Bowles proposal came out. (Remember that?) I will not repeat the points of that post, but they are here, for those interested.

They’re pretty basic stuff — your ABC’s. And it seems to me we’re in an ABC time, a first-principles time. We should be fairly clear on what those principles are. They help us answer the question, “What is government for? What must be spent on? What is more optional?”

2) “Sugar-coated Satan sandwich” is a fantastic phrase, no matter who said it. (Find it quoted in this post, below.)