Get a Government Job, Cont’d

by John Derbyshire

Forgive me if this has been covered elsewhere on NRO — hard to keep up while trying to maneuver 18-year-old daughter into the starting gate for college this fall — but I thought Josh Barro’s new research paper for the Manhattan Institute was pretty darn impressive.

CADILLAC COVERAGE: The High Cost of Public Employee Health Benefits

In light of budget deficits and the need to identify ways to reduce spending in states across the U.S., increasing public discussion has focused on health-care costs for public employees. Much of that discussion has focused on the relatively low share of insurance premiums paid by government workers, when compared with their private-sector counterparts. Although this is a real phenomenon, it is not the only, or even the most important, reason for high health-insurance costs.

This report explores the reasons that government-employee benefits cost more, and it makes concrete recommendations for how costs can be brought into line with those of the private sector.

First-rate public-policy analysis. You have to read the whole thing.

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