Hulot Hoopla (2): Merkel’s Staying Put

by Andrew Stuttaford

Focus Magazine has more on the Eurozone crisis (in German, amazingly). There are evident signs that the German politicians are growing ever more restless about being made to pay for what their taxpayers may be asked to pay for next, and, there are, inevitably, demands that Chancellor Merkel should give up her vacation.


But  Merkel has little interest in abandoning the joys of yak carpaccio for yet another session of euro yakety yak.  In words just a little reminiscent of the late Marie Antoinette’s (legendary) commentary on cakes, one of the chancellor’s staffers explained that “markets had caused all this disorder, and markets must now restore calm.”  (my rough translation).


You see, yet again it’s all the wicked markets fault. The actual architects of this shabby, shoddy currency union are, of course, entirely blameless as tiles slide off the roof, the foundations shudder and the inhabitants are bankrupted trying to pay for the cost of living there.

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