Clearing the Decks

by Jonah Goldberg

So I know I’ve been pretty absent around here of late and that might continue for a few days, but for much better reasons.

Yesterday, I sent off the first draft of my manuscript to the publisher. It’s been a very rough Summer because my wife has been terribly loaded down with work as well and I fell dismayingly further behind with the book-writing after my brother passed away earlier this year. So shooting off 85,000 words yesterday morning felt good. Real good. I know they’re coming back to me with more work to be done. But I bought myself a brief reprieve. And with that reprieve comes…father-daughter adventure! I’m taking the wee-one to the beach for a few days. Then, after that we’re going on a major driving adventure involving amusements parks, water parks, county fairs and, if we can track it down, maybe a very large ball of twine. I have some quality-time catching-up to do with my progeny. Family is more important than work, but work tends to be less flexible, so it’s nice to get the priorities straight again.

Oh, this is all leading up the announcement that I am giving a speech at the Steamboat Institute’s big conservapalooza conference in Steamboat Springs, Co. Details here.  Come on down, or up, or over if you can. The fun part is Lucy and I will be driving out to it (don’t worry, I’ll do most of the highway driving, as she is only 8 after all).

Meanwhile, the G-File should start up again this week and I’ll be back in the Corner a bit more.

All of this is, of course, contingent on whether the markets don’t fall to zero on Monday and I have to spend the next couple months sitting on my porch with a shotgun to protect my family and our stockpile of canned beans.

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