Today’s Questions for the President

by Peter Kirsanow

During your remarks yesterday regarding America’s first credit downgrade in history, you stated that “there’s not much further we can cut” in spending. Yet total annual federal spending has increased by $900 billion since you took office, with spending on entitlements accounting for approximately $200 billion of the increase. 

What are we getting for that increase? Do you maintain that little or none of the total  increase can be cut without some definable harm to the country? If so, can you specify the alleged harms? What evidence do you have for your assertion?

You also stated yesterday that you will “present [your] recommendations in the coming weeks on how we should proceed” regarding fiscal issues and the economy. Does this mean that you have yet to formulate any recommendations regarding the country’s economic situation? Is that why you never proposed a plan during the debt-ceiling negotiations? What, precisely, have you been doing over the last several months and what do you perceive to be your role as president?  

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