Ryan Responds to Boehner’s Picks

by Andrew Stiles

Noticeably absent from the GOP contingent on the super-committee is House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan (R., Wis.). Most considered him a natural choice given that he, along with Hensarling and Camp represented House Republicans on the Bowles-Simpson fiscal commission, but apparently the budget chairman took himself out of the running. Ryan released the following statement praising House Speaker John Boehner’s (R., Ohio) selections:

The Speaker has chosen three excellent Republican members to serve on this Joint Committee in Chairmen Hensarling, Upton and Camp. I asked the Speaker not to consider me for the Joint Committee, because only the Budget Committee can write legislation to reform the budget process. As Budget Committee chairman, my plan has long been to work on this critical issue throughout the fall. This past year has shown that the federal budget process is more broken than ever and needs to be reformed. If we are truly going to put the country’s fiscal house in order, it will not be enough to temporarily reduce what Washington spends. We must permanently reform the process by which working Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars are spent. 

The House Budget Committee plans to complement the Joint Committee’s work this fall by holding hearings and marking up legislation to put in place common-sense controls that stop the spending spree in Washington. As things stand, the budget process is stacked in favor of those who want to chase ever-higher spending with ever-higher taxes. In addition to cutting spending by $6.2 trillion in The Path to Prosperity, the Budget Committee will take action to reform our broken budget process in order to bring spending, deficits and debt under control.

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