From Britain

by Jay Nordlinger

The most poignant, chilling, and infuriating thing I’ve read about the London riots is here: a column by the Telegraph’s Andrew Gilligan, who was mugged. It tells us about the utter helplessness of the police. What could be more demoralizing to a society, than to know that the police cannot, or will not, protect them from harm?

I also wish to point out this Charles Moore column. He writes,

People watching the television throughout these events have often been dismayed to see the police hanging back. The terrible fate of the Reeves five-generation family furniture business in Croydon, burnt to the ground, was visible proof of Edmund Burke’s dictum that “rage and frenzy will pull down more in half an hour than prudence, deliberation and foresight can build up in a hundred years”.

Quotation is a tricky art. Often, people over-quote, or inaptly quote. It takes real skill to quote just the right amount, in just the right ways. Maybe the best I ever heard at this was Norman Podhoretz — who can summon Shakespeare for virtually any occasion. Moore’s good too (as exemplified above).

Anyway, that’s just a brief distraction from the horror of civilization’s breakdown in our Mother Country. (Note to the multi-culti police: Come ’n’ get me, coppers.) (The multi-culti police, unlike the British police, is always armed and never resting.)

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