It’s Identity Politics. All. The Way. Down.

by Daniel Foster

Here’s Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein retweeting his fiancée Annie Lowrey, a business writer at Slate:

We can all agree that the haggling over whether poor Xavier Becerra gets to count as a “person of color” in the eyes of earnest liberaldom is hilarious. It is also hilarious that they seem to forget that the one man with the power to veto anything that comes out of the committee is “of color.” But you know what isn’t hilarious? The idea that a salient feature about the body charged with starting to right the ship of state before it plummets headlong into an inescapable abyss of debt and unfunded liability is — it’s diversity.

The right kind of diversity, that is. I somehow don’t think Mr. Klein and Ms. Lowrie would jump at the chance to replace three random members of the committee with Tim Scott, Allen West, and Michele Bachmann.

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