On and On and On and On Wisconsin

by Michael Walsh

My New York Post column today wraps up (I hope) the Democrats’ continuing — and thus far fruitless — attempts to overturn the results of the 2010 elections in Wisconsin by conducting a guerilla war against the state’s democratic institutions, including Gov. Scott Walker, the Republican-controlled legislature and the state Supreme Court. Think of it as a preview of what’s coming our way from these people in 2012:

The public-employee unions and their allies in the Democratic Party just lost again in Wisconsin — a battleground of their choosing. And despite their trashing of almost every democratic norm.

It’s been a long nine months in the Badger State…

Meanwhile, millions of dollars have been wasted, tempers inflamed and the very nature of representative democracy threatened — and for what?

Other states — including deep-blue Massachusetts and moderate Ohio — this year instituted similar rollbacks without the drama. The left simply chose Wisconsin as the best place to make its last stand against the tide of fiscal sanity that is now sweeping the nation.

Yet nothing worked, from the senators’ flight to politicizing what was supposed to be a non-partisan judicial election to calling for a “do-over” recall election less than a year after voters had spoken.

This is no way to run a railroad, and an even worse way to run a state or a country. We have constitutionally mandated elections at prescribed intervals for a reason — to allow time for political passions to cool and allow the legislative process to work.

But the unions couldn’t accept that and so waged war on democracy. They thought victory over Gov. Walker’s initiatives would send a chilling signal to politicians in other states: If you mess with us, we’ll mess you up.


Remember: When the Left chants “by any means necessary,” they aren’t kidding. As we head toward a crucial election next year, let’s keep that in mind.

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