Quick Impressions

by Rich Lowry

Romney: Solid again, still not really challenged.

Gingrich: Signs of the guy everyone thought would thrive in the debates, although he took his complaints over the questions a little too far by the end.

Pawlenty: Cheap, unfunny shot against Romney. He’s opened up what ultimately will probably be a telling line of attack against Bachmann, but looks querulous in pursuing it so vigorously now. Still seems tinny and doesn’t fill the stage.

Bachmann: Always very poised. Some of her shots against Pawlenty were unfair, but she probably won the exchange. Strong performer, but she may seem too canned over time.

Huntsman: His voice was shaky. Had even less gravity than Pawlenty. This was the candidate the mainstream press told us would be so formidable?

Santorum: Didn’t get much airtime during the first half of the debate, then got sidetracked into endless quarrels with Ron Paul.

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