Re: Christianity, Politics, and the ‘Submission’ Question

by Ramesh Ponnuru

I think Byron York deserves a little Christian charity — especially, I should think, on NRO. That charity should preclude baseless attacks on his intelligence, manners, work ethic, fair-mindedness, and professionalism.

York wasn’t trying to discover the best interpretation of Christian teaching on marriage, but rather what Bachmann herself understood that teaching to be. By her own testimony, she interpreted “submission” to mean that she should follow her husband’s suggestion of a career choice against her own initial inclinations. Given that fact, it is entirely reasonable to think that her husband might have a strong effect on her decisions as president. Reasonable enough, in any case, to ask the question and let her clarify the matter. Nothing in the question assumed that Bachmann is a “slave” to her husband or a “cavewoman.”

It is a pity that in a comment several times as long as York’s question, Glenn Stanton finds no space to mention this crucial context.

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