Byron’s Submission

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

I still maintain Bachmann was asked a question about something she has said — it was out there and she was bound to be asked about it. Byron was appropriate in asking it and polite in receiving her answer. Being asked about it in Iowa at a Fox News debate was an opportunity for her — one she gracefully took advantage of. 

In a segment this morning on Bill Bennett’s Morning in America with guest host Seth Leibsohn, Byron joked about the exchange — and the booing he received: “It’s always great to be the most popular guy in the room, even for a couple of minutes. I was clearly the most popular guy in the room for a while there.”

More seriously, Byron said of the exchange: “This was a question that is out there, and look at the answer! . . . She did an excellent job answering the question.” He continued: “It was the most human moment in the whole debate for her. She had a different tone in her voice. She clearly connected with people.”

His conclusion: “My guess is that Bachmann is pretty darn happy with the answer.” 

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