Christian Charity and Byron’s Question

by Glenn T. Stanton


I think that Ramesh articulates some very important valid points, which I genuinely appreciate. I was a little rough on Bryon. Truth be told, I was not so much responding to Bryon in my post, but to a whole (rather large) gaggle of reporters who have notably gotten this question wrong over the last decade, going back to and beyond the Southern Baptist discussion. And I did note that Byron was not the only journalist asking the question. But, of course, Byron got the brunt of it via my comments on last night’s question. I really don’t believe he meant it as a “gotcha” question, but it came across that way, and obviously so to the audience. And I agree, his question was likely not a reflection on his “intelligence, manners, work ethic, fair-mindedness, and professionalism” but I cannot say as much for many journalists who have tried to bring insight to the issue. They usually end up bringing more dust, and often, intentionally so.

But I do think his question  –“As President, would you be submissive to your husband?” — was ill-formed, for it conflated two very different things: being a wife and being president. All presidents have to work out their allegiances to their duty as president and their duty to their family. If the “submission” question was rather posed as how would she balance these two allegiances, that would have been a different and good question, such as, “Can you explain to voters how your admitted submission to your husband will work itself out in your role as president?”

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