Bachmann’s Big Dance

by Robert Costa

Ames, Iowa – Last night, as Michele Bachmann’s Navy blue campaign bus rolled into the parking lot at Iowa State University, hundreds of supporters cheered. Some had come from Minnesota, others from little towns off Route 69. Even though the hour was late, they were ecstatic. With only a few hours to go before the straw poll, they whooped and hollered as Bachmann shook hands and beamed her megawatt smile.

Elvis Presley tunes blasted from the loudspeakers and those grooves, played just a decibel too high, made the whole scene a bit wild — half tea-party rally, half rock concert. Bachmann’s energy was infectious, almost unbelievable, especially after a long day of campaigning across the Hawkeye State. Not only did she rally her troops, she danced and shimmied with her husband, Marcus, bouncing and twirling as others (reporters) looked on, exhausted. If she can carry that buzz and crowd into today’s event, expect her to do well, very likely near the top.

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