Candidate Perry

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Rick Perry made his entrance into the presidential race earlier today, from South Carolina committing that “I will work every day to make Washington, D.C. as inconsequential in your lives as I can, and free our families, small businesses and states from a burdensome and costly federal government so they can create, innovate and succeed.”

“With the help and courage of the American people, we will get our country working again,” Perry said.

The Texas governor said that “It is time for Americans to believe again – to believe that the promise of our future is far greater than even the best days of our past. It is time to believe again in the potential of private enterprise, set free from the shackles of an overbearing federal government. And it is time to truly restore our standing in the world and renew our faith in freedom as the best hope of peace in a world beset with strife.”

You can watch the speech here. Or read the text here.

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