Bachmann Beating Pawlenty in Food Line Length

by Katrina Trinko

Ames, Iowa — Despite the growing buzz about Michele Bachmann at Ames, the Pawlenty campaign remains optimistic.

“We feel really good about our effort. We feel really good about the turnout today,” Pawlenty spokesman Alex Conant says. “Lot of people that we’ve met over the past couple weeks came here to see him again and vote for him.”

But unlike the Bachmann campaign, which told Politico they gave out 4,000 straw poll tickets before 2 p.m. today, the Pawlenty team is not releasing current ticket numbers.

“We got very, very good feedback from the debate,” Conant says. “Whatever the impact it has on the straw poll, which is largely an organizational effort, is hard to say.”

But here is one statistic that likely isn’t thrilling Team Pawlenty: when I spoke to a young man at the front of the Pawlenty food line, he said he had waited for five minutes. When I spoke to someone toward the front of the Bachmann food line, he said he had waited for two hours.

It’s true that the Pawlenty food organization may just be much more efficient. But it may also indicate a significant disparity in number of supporters presenter.

UPDATE: With half an hour left to vote, Politico is now reporting that Bachmann camp has given out 6,000 tickets.

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