Bachmann: ‘Now, We Start Onto All 50 States’

by Katrina Trinko

“We did this together,” an elated Michele Bachmann told supporters gathered around her bus after the Ames results were announced. “Thank you everyone for coming today. This is very first step for taking the White House in 2012. We just sent a message to Barack Obama.”

“Thank you,” she gushed. “God bless you guys. God bless America. We love you. God bless you. God bless you, every one.”

“Now we start onto all 50 states,” Bachmann added.

UPDATE: Michele Bachmann’s formal statement:

I want to thank the people of Iowa for this tremendous victory. Together we sent a message that we intend to make President Obama a one-term president. The Iowa Straw Poll was a important first step in what will be a long race for the presidency. Now we turn our attention toward winning the Iowa Caucuses and taking our message of reining in wasteful spending, keeping taxes low, growing our economy and creating jobs to the people of New Hampshire, South Carolina and all 50 states.

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