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Newsweek and Bachmann


I work for an opinion magazine — National Review. We can be as gleefully partisan and opinionated as we want. But taste and judgment are constraints all the same. That Newsweek cover, the one with Michele Bachmann? I would not sanction that — its equivalent — on the cover of National Review. I would not be for it. Politics aside, it’s just too cruel, “from a human point of view,” as I think Donald Trump once said.

Anyone can look terrible in a photo. You can make Rachel Weisz look like a mud toad. (Well, maybe not.) You can make Johannes Kepler look like a dufus. You can make Alistair Cooke look like a lager lout.

(Incidentally, I once put the word “dufus” in an e-mail to a friend of mine. He wrote back, “It’s doofus, by the way.” Word to the wise: Don’t be tellin’ me how to spell. You use your variants, I’ll use mine.)

So, Newsweek is supposed to be — what, a newsweekly, right? Isn’t that what the name means? If they’re now to be a left-wing opinion magazine, which is fine with me, I guess — shouldn’t they change their name?

If NR did what Newsweek has done, we would be accused of hate speech (as we have in the past, believe me — pick your favorite covers, articles, etc.).

Oh, how Newsweek editors must have laughed their heads off when they saw that psycho-dufus-Bachmann picture! You can just hear them squeal, “We have a winner!”


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