Perry et Al.

by Jay Nordlinger

About a year and a half ago, a canny Texas pol told me, “Rick Perry’s gonna run for president. He will announce with Palin at his side. He will win the nomination, and the presidency.” I went back to the office and reported this comment. They snickered and snorted. Their eyes almost rolled out of their sockets.

Well, Perry has announced, but not with Palin at his side. Will he win, and win? I am out of the prediction business, for now. (The trick is to wait until it’s real clear.)

By the way, Perry will remind Americans of George W. at least as much as Jeb Bush would. If Perry is the nominee, Democrats will portray him as the second coming of George W. Which is “ironic,” as we now use that word, given the antipathy that exists between the current Texas governor and his predecessor.

Meanwhile, I’m waitin’ for John Bolton. The power of the ’stache. Go get ’em, Johnny B.!!

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