Re: Gregory Grills Bachmann

by Mark Steyn

So I was watching Michele Bachmann on Meet the Press and was pleasantly surprised to find her quoting my book (about nine minutes in). This was in response to the umpteenth drearily parochial question from David Gregory, and, not having read my book or indeed heard of it, he didn’t respond to the point but went on to some other drearily parochial obsession.

I don’t watch the Sunday morning shows terribly often so I have no idea whether this was a typical performance from Mr. Gregory but his Beltwaycentric questions about the debt ceiling, the payroll tax, extending unemployment benefits from two years to five years to twelve years or whatever he thinks will be sufficient to “stimulate” us back into good times cumulatively reminded me of the beginning of the Godzilla movie when all the experts are standing around in the strange indentation in the ground arguing about what it is, and then the camera pans back out and up into the sky and you realize they’re all standing in a giant footprint.

David Gregory is stuck in the small toe. I’m glad Congresswoman Bachmann can at least see the footprint. 

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