More on Bachmann fighting fire with ... Steyn

by Andrew C. McCarthy

Mark, Michele is making excellent use of one of the (many) flabbergasting facts in your tremendous book (I should say problematic book — it’s a problem for me in the sense that I have work to do but I can’t put it down). Here she is in the Fox interview with Chris Wallace yesterday, about 14 minutes in, giving what’s become her favorite example of why we need to reject President Obama’s “new normal” government spending levels:

We had one employee at the federal Department of Transportation that made $170,000 a year at the beginning of the recession. We had the trillion dollar stimulus and eighteen months into the recession we had 1,690 employees making over $170,000. Government has really been growing at a lot of largesse. But people in the real world aren’t.  And that’s what has to change. Government has no conformity at all with the real world.

No conformity at all — as Mark says, “They’re upturn girls living in a downturn world.”

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