Re ‘The Term in Austrian . . .’

by Jay Nordlinger

Among my scribbles yesterday was a jab at President Obama for his reference to the “Austrian” language. Several readers have written me in defense of him. Fine — I could make a defense or two too. But my only point, for all this time, has been: What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. What’s good for liberal Democrats is good for conservative Republicans, too. Would my Obama-defending correspondents be so generous toward Sarah Palin? Toward one of the Bushes? Toward Dan Quayle?

In the 1980s, there was a book — a little compilation — called Reagan’s Reign of Error. It toted up every boo-boo, or alleged boo-boo, the president had made. Oh, did the chattering class soak that up, and chatter about it!

This was a subject in Impromptus last month — in a column titled “Erring and forgiving, &c.” The item in question ended,

Where Barack Obama is concerned, the press is mightily forgiving and understanding. Let them remember that when a Dan Quayle messes up with “potato” or a Sarah Palin gives a peculiar interpretation of Paul Revere’s ride. You know?

Yeah, I do know.

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