Have a Blessed Day

by Jay Nordlinger

A few weeks ago, I began a column with a quadrennial crotchet: Candidates for the presidency are always saying, “When I’m president,” or, “When I’m in the Oval Office,” or, “As president, I will . . .” I mean, they all do this — not just the frontrunners; even the fringe candidates. Danny Jones, the Topeka city councilman, will say, “After I’m sworn in, I’m gonna look Putin in the eye and say, ‘Here’s another reset for ya, pal!’”

I said I would vote for the first candidate who exercised a little rhetorical modesty: “If I were president, I would do X”; “If I’m elected president, I will do Y”; “My aim is to implement Z.”

Well, a reader has sent me a statement by Rick Perry: “Israel is our friend. . . . Our friends, if I am blessed to become the president of the United States, will know that we will be there day in and day out.”

“Blessed”! Holy cow. I’m not saying I’ll support Perry in the primaries — I guess I’ve broken a campaign promise — but the language is appealing. Although: Does “blessed” violate the First Amendment, as interpreted by the ACLU, the wise Latina, and her friends?

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