Sunrise Over Lincoln

by Jonah Goldberg

Outside my window at the Cornhusker Hotel here in Lincoln, Nebraska, a big round and red sun is rising quickly through the clouds. It’s so hazy out, when I first saw it I thought it might be the moon. My daughter and I are two days into our adventure. So far it’s mostly involved adventurous driving. We went from D.C. to South Bend, Indiana on day one and from there to here on day two. We’re en route to Colorado today, though we don’t have to drive as aggressively so we’re looking for some brief diversions. Tomorrow: Roller coasters and then arrival in Steamboat Springs (I’m giving a speech there for the Steamboat Institute on Friday). After the weekend, the two of us are simply children of the open road, looking for trouble wherever a forty-something pundit and eight-year-old girl can. Bar fights are out, obviously, because of my bad back. The biggest hardship has been Li’l Lucy’s new braces. They have made it very, very hard for her to chew anything of substance. Yesterday, we stopped at Burger Lust in Omaha, Nebraska, and the poor munchkin just left a bunch of squirrel nibbles in her burger. I do everything I can to help, threaten her with beatings, tell her she’ll starve to death, note that her teeth may never get better so she should get used to chewing through the pain sooner rather than later, but none of it seems to help.

Anyway, it’s tough out here without wife and canine, but we’re doing our best to have a good time of it. Hopefully, when I don’t have to be at the wheel all day, I can saunter back into the Corner a bit.

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