P.S. on ‘The Most American Story Ever Told?’

by Jay Nordlinger

Regular Impromptus readers may be thinking, “Wasn’t he just saying, a few months ago, that something else was The Most American Story Ever Told?” True, true. I called it “brilliantly expressive of present-day America.” This was the story, as told by a news report:

Three bisexual men have filed a federal lawsuit against a national gay-sports organization, claiming they were unfairly deemed not gay enough to play for a gay softball team during the Gay Softball World Series. . . .

According to the lawsuit, the three California men were on a softball team called D2 that advanced to the championship game in Seattle. During the game, play was stopped several times after the team that lost to them in the semifinals protested that D2 was in violation of a league rule permitting no more than “two heterosexual players” on a team.

Full story, here. I remarked in my column, “Is that The Most American Story Ever Told, or what? It has nearly everything: quotas, grievance, ‘identity politics,’ lawsuits. It has everything but race, but close enough . . . (Oh, it could have a speech code, too.)”

Lots of American stories out there — “American” in quotation marks, you may prefer. But, you know, just as you go to war with the army you have, you deal with the country you’re faced with.

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