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Re: Qaddafi’s Fall Imminent


The fall of Qaddafi is a contingency for which NATO and the U.S. have had six months to plan and prepare. Now we’ll see how well they did their homework.

At the least, let’s hope Western intelligence has links to — and perhaps influence over — key rebel groups. Let’s hope that the worst factions (e.g., the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group) are not well placed to lead the celebrations of Qaddafi’s fall.

Whether or not it was the correct decision to let NATO take charge of the effort to militarily assist the rebels, surely the Europeans should assume responsibility for whatever “nation building” lies ahead. Stability in Libya — meaning no waves of refugees heading for Italy and France, the resumption of oil deliveries, and a Libyan leadership not allied with either al-Qaeda or Teheran — is in Europe’s interest, and it is what most Libyans should want as well.


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