Bad Political Advice

by Ramesh Ponnuru

Elise Jordan offers Romney three pieces of bad advice in dealing with Perry.

1) “The best avenue might be for Romney to go after Texas’s vaunted ‘economic miracle,’ pitting Mitt’s business experience against Perry’s 27-year career taking paychecks from the government.” This won’t work because Romney is much more the stereotype of a poll-tested politician than Perry is.

2) She suggests Romney should attack Perry because the latter’s budget proposals, with “line after line of zeroes,” is “feckless.” This might work. . .  in a Democratic primary.

3) “Romney might very well be forced to come out and say what he really thinks: Hey, be nice, and I’ll make you my vice president.” Good idea, if Perry were just an irritant on Romney’s way to an inevitable nomination. But who’s to say the veep nomination will be Romney’s to make — and not Perry’s?

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