Demolition Man

by Andrew Stuttaford
Ramesh, I couldn’t care less how many houses that Romney has, or how many of them he chooses to demolish, and you are quite right that he’s stuck with his rich guy image whatever he does. Nevertheless, I have to say that I’m with Michael on this one. Optics count, and this is an image that will endure. And not in a good way. Romney’s smart enough to understand that, and he’s well-housed enough to put off his rebuilding plans until 2012, or (well, you never know) 2021, so why the decision to call in the wrecking squad now? It says something interesting about the governor’s sense of priorities, none of it good. Nevertheless, now these plans are out, he has to stick with them. Canceling them now would only fuel the flip-flop fire. Let the dozers roll…

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