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Former Tiananmen Square Student Leader Urges Joe Biden to Call for an End to China’s One-Child Policy


A growing chorus is urging Joe Biden to revise and extend his remarks about China’s one-child policy.

“At best,” Joe Biden’s comments over the weekend at Sichuan University were “a statement of ambiguity that gives permission to China to continue its brutal and coercive birth planning policy,” says Chai Ling, founder of All Girls Allowed. “At worst, it is an endorsement of the exorbitant fines, severe beatings, and forced abortions and sterilizations that are performed on thousands of Chinese families every day — an ongoing Tiananmen massacre every hour,” she continues. Chai Ling, who I cite in my syndicated column on China’s one-child policy, which turns 31 this September, led students in democracy protests in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

Chai points to a woman named Wujian who was “dragged out of hiding while pregnant, had an 8-inch needle forcibly injected into her fetus, and whose 5-month-old fetus was then removed piece by piece by a doctor for China’s ruthless family planning police. Another mother, Xiao Aiying, testified on video immediately following her own forced abortion — her 8-month-old dead fetus still in her stomach.” More here. Wang Wang Jiamei’s second daughter was confiscated from her arms by family-planning officials simply because she refused to submit to tubal ligation surgery. Even the New York Times has covered the abduction of children by Chinese family-planning enforcers.

The 31st-anniversary mark provides an opportunity. “The vice president should be calling for its end,” Chai Ling urges:

The Chinese government originally promised it would last no longer than 30 years. Rather than ‘fully understanding’ the policy, the White House should heed the cry of 400 million children — the number of lives that the Chinese government boasts it has prevented. Rather than ‘fully understanding’ the policy, our administration should stand up on behalf of the 37 million Chinese girls who are missing as a result. Rather than ‘fully understanding’ the policy, American officials should consider this: If a rising China today does not have this basic respect of its own citizen’s lives, what will happen tomorrow when China becomes the world’s superpower? President Obama and Vice President Biden should act now to stop this injustice and secure a more peaceful future for America.

“If indeed it is the White House’s position to condone the one-child policy’s coercive enforcement, then our leaders are either ignorant of the cruel truth, spineless to confront the Chinese government, or cold-hearted to ignore the cries of thousands of mothers who have neither choice nor life,” she adds. “But, if the vice president’s statement was interpreted incorrectly, then we call on him and the White House to issue a statement clarifying their position and demanding an end to the one-child policy, not only on the grounds of its sustainability, but also on the grounds of its inhumane violation of basic women’s rights. May America truly be a city on a hill whose light cannot be hidden, and may she defend freedom and justice everywhere.”