Do Your Worst

by Daniel Foster

Cornerites, you must submit your captions in the comments below or e-mail me your photoshop job. You must do one or both — but under no circumstances neither — as soon as is humanly possible. I’ll update the post with selected captions, and winning photoshop(s) will go on the homepage.

Again, kindly do this immediately.

UPDATE: Some of the captions I liked (and that are printable):

“Is anybody else seeing this or is it just me again?”

“Haven’t you heard? NOBODY messes with Joe Biden!”

“….and if you succeed, Mr. Vice President, we will erase half of the debt you owe us! Ah-hahahaha!”

“I’ve changed my mind about that one child policy. I’d like to see a no child policy.”

From e-mail:

Becky Rice submitted: “Whoa… someone didn’t get their copy of Michelle’s Food Initiatives….”

Both Patrick Wright and Matthew Garberina suggested “Mandelbaum! Mandelbaum!”

And here are a couple of photoshops.

From Dave Johnsen:

And Jeff Johnstone:

And Rich Terrell:

And Colonel Travis:

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