Another Opportunity for Joe Biden

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

New Jersey congressman Chris Smith (natch) has introduced a bill that would allow the president to deny Chinese government officials entry into the United States if they have participated in human-rights abuses, including coercive enforcement of the one-child policy.

House Judiciary Committee chairman Lamar Smith supports the legislation, the China Democracy Promotion Act of 2011.

“Chinese officials who force women to have abortions, persecute ethnic minorities, torture people for their religious beliefs, repress public interest lawyers and jail journalists” are “persecutors” who “need to be held accountable,” insists Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers. At the very least, she says, “they do not deserve to set foot on U.S. soil.”

She doesn’t have high hopes for this administration, though — unless it second-guesses its own record, which includes restoring United Nations Population Fund funding; UNFPA has been a support to China’s brutal policy.

And, of course, Littlejohn adds: “If Biden ‘fully understands’ the one-child policy, then he knows it is enforced through forced abortion. If he is ‘not second-guessing’ it, then he is not opposing it.”

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