Mr. Vice President, Be a Leader

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Also grateful that a spokesman for Joe Biden says he is opposed to forced abortion, former Tiananmen Square democracy activist Chai Ling calls the Chinese one-child policy “an ongoing Tiananmen massacre every hour.” In response to the Biden clarification, she writes, as president of All Girls Allowed

Where are the political left in this modern-day freedom movement?  Forced abortions and mass gendercide certainly call for action from both sides of the aisle.  The challenge:  End the cruel One-Child Policy.  The Obama Administration has yet to issue a clear call to end the Policy, which is harmful both to the Chinese and American people.

The political right is exposing the injustice, calling on leaders, and pushing a new bill to act on China’s repugnant policy.  The ”China Democracy Promotion Act of 2011” (H.R.2121),  would give the President authority to deny entry into the U.S. of Chinese officials and individuals who participate in human rights abuses, including China’s coercive birth limitation policy.  The political left has been conspicuously silent.

Democrats, we know you also stand for justice.  We know that you love freedom, that you are willing to put aside differences and work alongside others to protect the oppressed.  We know that you believe women deserve a choice when it comes to their own bodies.  Where are you in this movement?  Will you stand alongside your fellow Americans to call for an end to the One-Child Policy?

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