On the Homepage

by Patrick Brennan

NRO’s experts weigh in on the current state of the Arab Spring.

Conrad Black castigates the foreign-policy establishment for its ambivalence about victory in Libya. 

Victor Davis Hanson explains why stimulus advocates are innately insatiable.

Michael Barone notes that private enterprise has produced quality bus service.

Michael Rubin argues that self-preservation won’t necessarily keep Iran from using nuclear weapons.

Charles Cooke rejects traffic cameras, in New York City and elsewhere.

Andrew Stiles laments the relentlessly oppressive Obama regulatory regime.

Nick Schulz highlights the failures that led to Steve Jobs’s greatest successes.

Clifford D. May relays disturbing facts about the state of global Islamism.

Jay Nordlinger continues his “Salzburg Journal,” with glam violinists, Stravinsky’s goat, et al.

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