Dueling Deities

by John Derbyshire

 Professor Robert Weissberg, author of one of the best recent books on education, takes a swing at the left-liberal belief system in The American Thinker:

judged by the unforgiving standards of science, the liberal creed may be far wackier (and factually incorrect) than any assertion about God creating the world in seven days. The war between secular liberalism and evangelical fundamentalism is a battle between competing dogmas, not science versus religious hokum …

Don’t believe liberals claiming to be secularists. They have a god, and this is, rest assured, a God that will put all rival deities to shame. In a nutshell, this god of the Liberal Creed is all-knowing, all-powerful, and combines the best features of the vengeful God of the Old Testament with a Santa Claus on steroids. To invoke the Newspeak vocabulary, let’s call this deity Fedgov.

Well, it’s less of a strain on one’s spelling than “Unkulunkulu.”

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